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How soon will my order ship?

Generally, after the customer pays for the order, we ship it out in 24 hours from our US warehouse.

What are your shipping options?

We provide the below shipping method:

Standard domestic orders are shipped via USPS Priority Mail (2-4 days for delivery) with tracking ID.

Standard domestic orders are shipped via UPS Second Day(2-3 days for delivery) with tracking ID.

Orders are shipped via Amazon Logistics US Second Day(2-3 days for delivery) with tracking ID.

Please be aware that only a small number of orders are Amazon US tracks.

What is your return policy?

Standard Return Policy

Return & Exchange Period: Within 30 Calendar Days

You may return items purchased on hadineeon.com within 30 days of purchase for a full refund of your product purchase price or a replacement product. If the 30-day return window has passed, and your product is still under warranty, contact us for warranty service.

What is my warranty?


1. The product damaged during regularly use appear.

2. The product must be used by instructions in the product manual


Warranty not apply to:

1. The product is used for profiteering.

2. The product is not operated by instruction manual in the process of use.

3. Appearance damage, including but not limited to scratch, dent and port plastic damage.

4. Consumable parts, such as battery or protective film, which are consumed over time, except for failure caused by material or process defects.

5. Natural consumption, damage, wear and aging. The fault causes are caused by improper use or negligence, such as improper maintenance and storage, accidents (such as fire, immersion, extrusion and falling) or natural disasters (such as lightning, earthquake, typhoon, etc.)

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept the following payment methods:

Paypal Express / Credit card / Visa / Mastercard

Please note we are working hard to provide you with more payment options in the near future.


Has anyone tried this milk frother for non-dairy milk? such as almond, soy, coconut, rice, cashew, oat milk?

I’ve tried all the milk. Whole milk is the best one. Proteins and fats in milk are responsible for how well the milk with be frothed, so non-dairy milk doesn't have much foam than whole milk. I have tried many other brands of frother. Nearly all of them have the same result for non-dairy milk. Also, I found a video on YouTube comparing most of non-dairy milk in a professional machine.


Here is the result for non-dairy milk.
1. Soy milk
2. Almond milk
3. Coconut milk
4. Rice milk
5. Cashew milk
6. Oat milk

Does it come with a clean tool? Do I have to clean this milk frother every time?

Yes, it comes with a non abrasive sponge. The milk frother is properly cleaned so it can last for a long time, and consistently make excellent froth for your favorite beverages. I suggest clean it every time. This type of milk frother should not be cleaned with a dishwasher. It is also ideal to remove other removable parts and clean them separately. For the lid, holder, whisks and other parts, clean them using warm water and a mild detergent solution. It is important that all substances stuck to these parts are removed. Make sure the frother and its parts are cool before starting to clean each part. After it is cooled, clean it with warm running water. To clean the milk that formed in certain areas. It’s best to use a smooth moist cloth or non abrasive sponge. Scrub the affected area gently. Dry your frother with a cloth before storing.
Refer the link about how to care and cleaning:

How do you make it not froth too much and just warm the milk?

Make sure you are using the right insert at the bottom of the frother. The one with the squiggly wire makes loads of froth. The small black insert will allow the milk to heat and turns off automatically when milk is at correct temperature. I then switch to the wire insert to froth milk for top of latte.

Does the bottom inside the kettle rust over time?

The inner pot is made of stainless steel. It will not rust under normal use. We suggest that you can leave the lid open after washing and drying to avoid condensation.

Sometimes scale deposit appears. It can be dissolved and clean out with mild acids such as white vinegar and lemon juice.

My kettle goes off & on, right before it beeps. The light turns off & the water calms, then the light turns back on and the water starts. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal. When the water temp is about to reach set temp, the kettle will be in a start-stop adjustment for water to gradually approach set temp. That means the kettle starts and stops heating over several times for reaching target water temp. Once the water reaches the target temp,
the kettle turns off immediately.

Can I brew the tea in the pot and let it stay warm?

We do not recommend brewing tea in the kettle. Tea stain may be left in the base of the jug when brewing the tea and affect the sensitivity of the temperature sensor with long-term use.

Does this cooker provide some type of notice (ie beep, etc) when the water initially reaches the chosen temp ?

Yes, it will beep when the water reaches the chosen temp and when the cooking time is out. Very convenient!

Is this sous vide machine supposed to touch the bottom of the container? How do you secure the clip?

I think so as you won't block the side water circulation holes.I put the sous vide right on the corner and the clip works well.

Is the plastic part food standard, BPA free?

We understand that your concern regarding the plastic of the electric kettle.
Please know that our kettle parts are FDA approved.
So it is BPA free.
If you are concerned about plastic parts, we suggest you could take a look at our model DE1733.
The lid of the DE1733 is a stainless steel design, and only the hinge of the kettle is made of plastic.
So it is more secure.

I cant turn it on , after two times of use. now the light s just keep flashing -Variable Temperature Electric Kettle

Thank you for your question.
According to your description, we suspect that this kettle has malfunctioned.
Please note: We provide a three-year manufacturer's warranty from the date of purchase for the product.
We suggest that you can contact our after-sales customer service team with your order ID for help.